Hovland drum shells are built one at a time from scratch.  These shells are crafted from selectively harvested Black Walnut, which has been chosen for its acoustic properties along with the fact that it is ecologically stable. 

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Kirk Hovland

Drummer & Craftsman

Hovland drum shell

What makes them so great?

Our drums have an exclusive proprietary seamless drum shell design and building process and are made in Green County, Wisconsin USA.  We grow, selectively harvest and process our wood locally, controlling quality from the forest to the finished product in an environmentally sustainable way.

The vertical grain of the Black Walnut plus its naturally inherent warm undertones on the bottom and its high clear note on top combine to give you the best of both musical worlds, a drum that sounds like a wood drum crossed with a metal drum. Hovland drums are unmatched in sonic projection and sensitivity.  

Our drums have been played all around the world and have garnered an all around thumbs up from drummers, sound engineers and fans alike.

"I'm totally blown away by how they sound, these drums have depth and character..."
- Paul Ng, Singapore
Owner of 8x14" and 8x13" Walnut Log Series drums

"Hovland drums are not like anything else on the market, Hovland snare drums produce a rich, sharp attack with sinus clearing tone. These drums pack the punch of a metal snare with the warmth of a wood drum."
- Wes Faulconer (Explorers Percussion)


For over forty years Kirk Hovland has played, repaired and built drums from scratch.  Our very first shell was carved back in 2000 and we patiently waited 12 years before releasing Hovland drums to the world.  We did this to make sure our drums were perfect in design & sound, and that the shells would not crack, warp or shrink.

Hovland Drums is the only drum company in the world creating seamless Black Walnut drum shells; we have our own proprietary method of carving and a secret and highly guarded process for curing wood drum shells. 
With years of R&D behind our product Hovland drums stand alone as the finest Black Walnut snare drums available on the market.

Hovland drums are the discerning drummers dream drum.


Shell Heirloom

Heirloom Quality

Each instrument is signed by Kirk Hovland and dated, which guarantees you are receiving an heirloom quality piece.

Making sure our shells would stand the test of time we put them through every stress and strain you can imagine. True passion and creativity goes into each Hovland snare drum - our goal is to build the purest sounding wood snare drum available.

Hovland drums are not only works of art...Hovland drums are working art.

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