The Science of our Sound

In principle our seamless vertical grain drum shell acts as a sound board, much like on a piano.  The drum shell bearing edge functions as a bridge, much like on a string instrument. 

Working in concert as a sound conduit with the drum head, the apex of the bearing edge and the seamless vertical grain shell wall combine to produce the most organic tone transference imaginable.

Our 55 degree hand burnished bearing edge with a thick shell wall is standard.

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Why walnut?

American Black Walnut is one of the most musical sounding materials used in snare drum construction. Black Walnut`s naturally inherent warm undertones on the bottom and its high clear note on top combine to give you the best of both musical worlds, a drum that sounds like a wood drum crossed with a metal drum. Hovland drums are unmatched in sonic projection and sensitivity.

From the loudest roar to the quietest passage Hovland seamless Black Walnut Log Series snare drums have got it covered. Each drum is meticulously hand crafted from scratch by our master craftsman. First using a chainsaw and then a custom wood lathe.

Why tree trunks?

Hovland seamless vertical grain drum shells project open and natural musical tones that sound similar to tones a living tree produces while in the process of up­ taking water and nutrients through its root system.

This amazing process was documented and recorded by noted sound engineer George Martin (The Beatles).

Can trees play music?

"When they put the microphone against the tree`s trunk it sounded like hundreds of little drummers tapping away inside the tree. It was an utterly mind blowing and eye opening musical experience." ­ Kirk Hovland

Hovland drums are carved into shape with the grains running vertically, exactly the way trees grow in nature, therefore giving you a super strong highly resonant drum shell that naturally will not go out of round.


2016 Shells

Hovland shells have a thick shell wall, hand sculpted razor sharp 55 degree bearing edges and shallow 4" wide snare beds.

Those ingredients combined with the warm tone of Black Walnut give you an instrument that has maximum sensitivity and musical versatility.

Hovland proprietary USA made solid bronze Tree Trunk lugs are custom designed to work in tandem with our timpani style undersize shells, and our shells are finished with natural lemon oil and a coat of hand-rubbed polyurethane to provide a subtle moisture-proof finish.

Our USA-made cast bronze hoops are also standard.


Biological variables culminate to create unique beautiful grain structure.

That’s why our shells come in clear walnut only.

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