About Hovland Drums

MontageHovland Drums is located in beautiful South Western Wisconsin, the perfect place to craft wood drums. The local forests of Green County are filled with some of the most musical hardwood you can find.

Our Black Walnut logs are selectively harvested and we promote re-planting to encourage the natural balance of a mixed hardwood forest.

Kirk Hovland is the sole craftsman and he painstakingly carves and constructs each shell, quality controlling every detail along the progression of the build. He's been a drummer for over 40 years and comes from a long line of wood workers and stone carvers, so it just made sense to start crafting drums from scratch. 

No automated machinery is used in the production of our drums - they're all made by an actual human being, not a computer!

Built with hands and played with hands.


"I make each drum as if it were for my own collection, and I personally offer a lifetime warranty that covers all aspects of shell integrity."

Kirk Hovland

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